The Alaska Music Show was created by life-long Alaskan music producer and composer Kurt Riemann. Over his decades-long career in Alaska he has personally recorded and produced hundreds of albums. His experience with the rich musical heritage of the North  is the force behind The Alaska Music Show.


Critical logistical support for the project has come from the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation's Live, Work, Play. initiative, whose Creative Placemaking project is spearheaded by Moira Gallagher.

It's here! After years of collecting, reconnecting with artists, sorting, scanning and digitizing, The Alaska Music Show is on the air. Hundreds of hours of made-in-Alaska music is now singing over the Anchorage airwaves, forty hours every week!

For decades Alaskans have created, performed, and most importantly recorded  their original music. Commercial broadcasters in Alaska only play music you would hear on the radio anywhere else in the world, but local artists have nonetheless persevered and made some of the best music you've never heard.

Now you can discover what Alaskan Artists have been up to all these years. The Alaska Music Show launched in 2017 on KONR 106.1 FM in Anchorage. The Alaska Music Show showcases music from the most interesting pool of talent in the nation. From Folk to Native Alaskan to Rock to entire symphonies, all of the music we air was created right here in Alaska. Over a thousand albums' worth of music. There's something for everyone.

It took years for these Alaskan artists to create this music. And now it's coming to you straight out of your radio. Tune in.


Let our friend Mr. Whitekeys explain it to you.

SPECIAL OFFER - Send your name into space! Support the Alaska Music Show for $20 and we'll send your name out into interstellar space, via our Earthly broadcast. Donate via Paypal and email us your name on the Contact page and we'll send your name into the Milky Way for a week!

About the Alaska Music Show